General Conditions



Cancellations in part or whole are charged in full unless advised to Redstone Cliffs Lodge within the following notice periods:  

Reservations  are subject to 7 days notice for a full refund.  

Cancellations after this time will be charged the full amount of the reservation.

There are no refunds for early or partial check out.

AMENITIES:  The use of rooms, facilities, parking, hot tub, gardens, fire pit, garden furniture, grills and all other lodge amenities available from time to time are for the sole and exclusive use of our paying guests staying at the Redstone Cliffs Lodge.    If you'd like to bring a friend on to site to use the facilities in any way or to participate in your activities on site, you must first speak to reception and obtain prior approval.  There might be a small charge for each friend's use.     Unauthorized use will result in an immediate charge to your credit card of $50 per unauthorized person per day.

SMOKING:  We ask smokers to be responsible for their actions and consider their fellow guests before lighting up.  Smoking is NOT permitted inside any buildings, porches or in  close proximity to any cabin.  We do allow smoking in areas where other guests are not impacted. 

The same rules apply to vapeing and e-cigarettes.

Colorado 420 Policy.  Please speak to reception.  With your co-operation, we aim to be tolerant. 






Dog Policy

As animal lovers ourselves, we can appreciate our guests’ desire to bring their dogs with them on vacation. No othre pets are permitted.  To ensure a pleasant stay for all of our guests, we ask that dog owners follow these guidelines.  We have allocated rooms #10 , #11 and #12 as dog friendly. Dogs are not allowed in the other units even as visitors.   You are responsible for your dog and other people’s safety.  Our principle dog rules are:

o   You may only bring a dog if you are booked into a pet friendly room.

o   There is a $45.00 dog fee, chargeable for each dog per stay.

o   We do not allow dogs (or any other pets) whether declared or not to be left in cars in our car park at any time.

o   All dogs and Service Animals must be declared at check-in.  

o   We do not allow dogs belonging to friends and family.

o   Dogs are to be kept on a leash at all times and you must clean up after your   dog.

o   Dogs are not to be left unattended in rooms or cars for any time or any reason. 

o    (If your dog is left unattended and/or causes a disturbance the Redstone Cliffs Lodge reserve the right to remove your dog and place it in   kennels at your expense.

o   Barking and noise that is disruptive to other guests in the lodge is not acceptable.

o    (We reserve the right to ask you to restrain, cleanup, or otherwise remove your dog, at any time for any reason at our discretion and your expense).

o   Guests are responsible for any damages, mess and general condition of the room and its contents.  

o    (If additional cleaning is required to the room, carpet or fabrics as a result of your dog’s activity, then we reserve the right to charge an additional cleaning or damage repair fee as necessary.  Please note minimum charge for carpet cleaning is $150.  Please ask at reception for a doggy blanket that you can use in your room). (no charge).

o   Dogs must be in good health, and up to date with vaccinations etc. 

o    (Please do NOT bring your dog on vacation if it is not well).